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  中國輕工業出版社即將推出的環保、勵志的成人繪本《小白快跑》在BIBF的W3文創館做路演,主人公玩偶小白,帶著他的朋友小熊小黑與《小白快跑》主創團隊一起來到現場??蓯?,呆萌的小白,內斂,睿智的小黑,把現場所有人都圈粉,不管是小孩子,還是八零后、九零后、甚至零零后都愛不釋手,一些專業圖書采購也紛紛留下名片要提前預定此書,外國版權商也青睞有加,直言小白很Q, 繪本《小白快跑》在國外也很有市場?,F場留影的,與真人“小白”擁抱的,一起賣萌的絡繹不絕。繪本《小白快跑》近期將于大家見面,歡迎大家圍觀!


  China Light Industry Press is about to publish an environment-friendly and inspirational adult picture book White, Run. The roadshow of this book was held in Creative Pavilion W3 in BIBF. The protagonist doll-White together with his friends Little Bear and Black as well as the creative team of White, Run came the site. White, who is cute and adorkable, and Black, who is restrained and wise fascinated all of the audiences, whether children or adults of various age groups. Some professional book buyers also put out their visiting cards to book this book. And the foreign copyright companies also like the book and believe that it will be popular in foreign countries. Audiences streamed in and out to take photos, hug and play with the dolls. White, Run will meet you in recent days and welcome your attentions!