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  At one o’clock the second afternoon of BIBF, the famous critic of Sichuan food-Huohuashi, who is also the author of Original Flavor series, the books published by China Light Industry Press, appeared as a guest in Masters’ Kitchen. He heartily showed how to make the native homemade Sichuan dishes- fried crisp pork and pickle (which is savory and can refresh appetite) and how to control the fire perfectly. With his sincere sharing about daily life and foods, the atmosphere was very lively and the audiences were quite active. The unique cooking skill of native Sichuan food attracted a great deal of audiences as well as colleagues. Mr. Huo’ humorous words raised waves of laughter and gained quite warm scene. The readers became quite interested in Sichuan food and Original Flavor series when they were tasting the dishes. Tmall flagship store of China Light Industry Press broadcasted the coffee tasting live at the same time. Please focus on us!